I believe that economics is a uniquely powerful way to understand the world and how to implement change to advance human well-being.

My teaching has two goals:

  1. To imbue  students with the interest and skill to evaluate economic policy using state of the art qualitative and quantitative methods.  My approach to evaluating public policy combines the standard methods of economic evaluation (cost-benefit, econometrics, and experiments) with the techniques of program evaluation (logic modelling, program fidelity, specifying and testing theories of change, political/social context analysis).
  2. To support students in their pursuit in careers as practising economists in industry, government, and academia.

In all my courses, I align evaluation processes with the course objectives and set out the course content, process, and my expectations in detailed course outlines.  I see these course outlines as a mutual contract between myself and my students.


Course Outlines


Econ 4140/7150 Economic Evaluation of Public Policy and Programs (Fall 2019)

This course will combine Honours/Advanced Undergraduates and Graduate students in the same course.  As a blended course, graduate students will be expected to do more advanced work.

Course outline: ECON4140-7150 Evaluation of Economic Policy and Programs – Outline Aug 20


Econ 4822  Economic Research and Communication (Fall 2019/Winter 2020)

This is an on-line course (no lectures).  All materials and examinations will occur through UMLearn.

Course outline:ECON4822 Economic Research and Communication – Outline (Aug 20).docx


To access course content on UMLearn, the University of Manitoba on-line Learning platform, students must be registered in the course.  Access starts for registered students 7 days before the formal lecture period begins.