Social licence and the nation’s wealth

The controversy over the Energy East pipeline reveals fatal flaws in how we collectively decide on the benefits and costs mega resource projects. The collapse of oil prices Canadians understand that how natural resources support our standard of living. The stakes are too high for decisions on mega projects such as Energy East to be […]

The Long-Form Census: Fast Forward to the Past

Statistics Canada will resume the long-form sub-census in 2016.  Most welcome this reversal as a restoration of critical data for policy development and as a harbinger of a new era of evidence- based decision-making. However, change is sweeping across the world of official statistics. The census methodology of monitoring the Canadian population is set for […]

Canada’s Climate Change Cacophany

Politicians are wrapping themselves in green for 2016. The Paris Conference concluded with self-congratulation and widespread resolve to reverse the failures of the Kyoto and Copenhagen agreements to achieve meaningful results. Debate on climate change appears to have concluded and wide acceptance exists on the need to stabilize and then reduce greenhouse gases (GHGs) the […]

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